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Mark Linkous de Sparklehorse

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PJ Harvey - Stories from the city, stories from the sea

ML: her and I are going to record more together. She came the other night to one of the London shows. We are talking about doing a little more recording together. I'm a huge Flood fan. If there was any producer that I'd wanna work with, I think my number 1 choice would be Flood. I kinda lean towards the "To Bring you my love" record, sparsed down and dirty. I really like a lot of this record.

PJ: you are also working with John Parish ?
ML: yeah. we went to Barcelona because my studio had a bad spider problem. I didn't want her to get bit by a spider, and dogs jumping all over her.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - album

ML: I just love this record. I think he did it in his brother's house. The second [track] (ndrl: Careless Love) just reminds me of all these sort of Virginia acapela balladeers recordings, sort of field recordings. Same aesthetics that really inspired Daniel Johnston early tapes. Almost people singing in their kitchens. This song really reminds me of that, his voice and a little bit of organ in the background.

PJ: are you planning to work with Will Oldham?
ML: we talk about it now and then. He's really great. I love this record. Soothing. The sound is so good. This one is one his best sounding records. This one and the Arise therefore record, that Steve Albini did.

Portishead - Dummy

ML: This is great. I can't wait to hear what they're gonna do next. It seems like they're all recording on their own seperatly. Then thet're going to get together and see what comes out. I love Adrian's guitar playing. He's such a great guitar player. He plays with us whenever he can. And Beth, I just love Beth. Her singing is so emotional.

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