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Mark Linkous de Sparklehorse

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The Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra - Born Into Trouble as The Sparks Fly Upwards

ML : Oh! I've been looking for this. I can't find it. Damn it!

PJ: Why does music from bands like Godspeed You Black Emporor! or ASMZ appeal to you ?
ML: I guess I just started to getting into... The last record that I heard that was really devastating was this GORECKI record Symphony and about the same time I got some earlier Godspeed records. People often ask me about references to animals and children on my records. And I think it's so intriguing to imagine what animals' and babies' perception of everythng is before there is language of any kind. There's something about Godspeed and Silver Mount Zion that is so dramatic and there is really no lyrics or anything.

PJ: The first ASMZ record was written when Efrim's dog was dying from cancer...
ML: there's quite a few of my songs that people think are about people but they are about dogs, turtles.

PJ: we heard of a story about a dog that had been run over and that you had to shoot for it not to suffer...
ML: My brother in law hit the dog and me being the elder I was trying to be the man and say "The dog is suffering and it's my duty as the elder to shoot him". And of course I wasn't quite man enough to hold the gun right up to the skull and shoot him. I had to point it at him and close my eyes because I didn't want to see the bullet hit him. So it was just so horrible. I ended up shooting him a lot of times. I think the consequences was that whole me getting sick and being in the hospital thing from shooting that dog.

The Cardigans - Rise and Shine

ML: A lot of journalists are really surprised about me working with Nina [Persson]. But I always just loved the Cardigans, I always thought there was something absolutely pure.

PJ: Are they popular in the USA ?
ML: Well of course 'Lovefool' was big big hit. But I really like all their stuff, especially their early stuff. I mean 'Rise and Shine'... A lot of these songs are just so simple and purely great pop songs, almost like Buzzcocks records or something. Nina's voice is like honey... just like licking honey off a plate glass. Her voice is so beautiful.

PJ: how was your experience producing Nina's solo album, A Camp ?
ML: it was great. I mean I tried to talk her out of it but she really wanted me to do it. So I did it and it was a good experience. I'm really glad that I did it. I was just afraid I would ruin her carreer and that she'd end up living in a van or something. But I think it came out really good. The songs are great. They remind me of Jmmy Webb songs. I love her.

Grandaddy - album
ML: The B-side of this... Jason [Lytle] played me this the last time I visited him. I'm just constantly astounded by Jason. I think he's our Neil Young. If we do this West Coast tour, the drummer's brother has a band that sounds a lot like Grandaddy but still really good. So I think they might be opeing for us in California.

Ed Harcourt - Here Be Monsters

PJ: Ed Harcourt opened for you in England for a few dates...
ML: He kind of brightens up the whole place when he walks into the room.

Al Green
ML : So much great stuff on this record. The best drumming. The drummer is just... simple conservative drummer.

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