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Mark Linkous de Sparklehorse

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PJ: would you recommend other great soul music artists ?
ML: not so much... definitely Al Green. I sort of went from Al Green to Public Enemy. And now I dig really hard to find... I don't know I like Q-Tip, there's not a lot of soul music that I can get into these days. I really like Kool Keith.

PJ : what about the Four Tops ?
ML : Oh the Four Tops, yeah. Well the Impressions too. Curtis Mayfield, he's just great. The Isely Brothers. "Keep on pushing" from Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions, it's one of my favorite songs.

Bill Evans - Live at the Village Vanguard

PJ : were you influenced by some jazz ? Mingus ?
ML : yeah, some of Mingus stuff, the stuff that sounds like... animals fucking. I also like a lot of this Bill Evans. Some John Coltrane. And Ornette Coleman. I'm not that real astoop with a lot of jazz stuff but I know what I like and I know what I don't like.

PJ : what are the artists we may want to discover ?
ML : I can't think of anything. You are so on top of music. [A Silver Mount Zion] is what I would suggest but you already know that. You got it before I did. (ndlr: vous aussi procurez-vous ce splendide album, distribution Chronowax depuis peu)

PJ : maybe some of your friends' bands ?
ML : oh yeah, there's this band in Virginia called Labradford. They're friends of ours. I can't really think of anyone else...

PJ : in other interviews you mentioned minimalist electronic music, like Oval...
ML : Well, Oval, this guy Markus Popp he's basically Oval and Microstoria, same guy. And there's this latest record by Thomas Brinkmann. He basically made it with blank vinyl and a razor blade, and he cut beats. It's really amazing. We play it after the show. And then before the show we play Fennesz, Endless Summer. (ndlr : à ce sujet, lire cet article de Planet of Sound). It's a great great record. 'Cause with a lot of these minimalist guys, there's really no melody whatsoever. With this latest album from Christian Fennesz, I think he's the first one to break through. It sounds like a 70's Bread record that has been set on fire and run through a laptop. It's amazing. I think it's a really important record.

"It's a wonderful life" a été classé n°3 dans le classement des meilleurs albums de l'année par les Inrockuptibles, derrière - hmm... - Röyksopp et A Silver Mount Zion.

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