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Jim O'Rourke : Chicago, New-York, Tokyo et Paris quelquefois

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well, I must admit I'm not very familiar with all what you did, you do a lot of things. One particular thing is very striking in your interviews :you seem to always mention tons of artists names. Do you think people should like you "investigate" in music, always try to be alert ? Do you feel comfortable with people just listening to the radio without botheringwho's behind ?
Oh, I think everybody should investigate. It should be an active pursuit. I don't understand how people just wait for things to be given to them. I need to find out things constantly. if i like something and I see a name related to it that I don't know, a name on the liner note, an article with a name I know, I want to find out what the other name is. I always in need to know. I'd hope everybody would do that.

to a certain extent we –students, fellow worker for– try to do that. But it's a hell of a time-consuming job !
(rires.) yeah, it takes up most of your time.
...and most of your money buying records.
yeah. I mean, if you can't buy records, you just find people who have them to hear them.

I learned that you've got a degree in composition...
... do you think one must study music to understand it ? or is it just a bonus ?
Yeah, it just lets you know about other aspects of it. I don't think you need to study at all, like formerly study, like university. If anything, I think it gets in the way. because it put too much value on things that aren't necessarily the most important things in music. It puts more value on technique and analysis than on music and what it does. So, I think school gets in the way, personnally. I think the best school in listening, is your turntable.

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