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Jim O'Rourke : Chicago, New-York, Tokyo et Paris quelquefois

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What do you think then about that "intellectual" jazz : in concerts it's usually a championship for who will recognize the standard theme the first
A lot of times that's what that is, yeah. A lot of times "using material" gets confused with "using material to make something else". And many people just stop at the point of using things, and don't think of what te references mean outside of playing them. "what does it mean socially ? what kind of things does it connotate ?".

Do you fear that happening in so-called "experimental" music ? Some artists are just banging things on walls, or things like that... Does this kind of music appeal to you ?
There's just as much bad music in experimental music as anything else. Because people are afraid to say that some experimental music is bad. Some of it's great, some of it's good, some of it sucks ! Just like any other kind of music. But it seems to be... It seems you can't have an opinion about these kinds of music. You know the terms, the definition of them are so vague for many people that to start making jugements... not jugements, but having an opinion about them seems difficult. Nobody's going to make a big stink if you say "that last Old Dirty Bastard record really sucked !" because there is sort of an understood set of criteria for what makes that good or bad. But it's a lot more vague in experimental music. Yeah, there's definitely bad stuff ! being experimental doesn't mean it's good !
...and when there's a famous name on the liner notes, it doesn't mean it's good
Usually not ! (rire aux éclats!) A lot of times, just like anything else...there's a lot of famous names that are awesome, some are terrible. It really depends on your taste. There are plenty of famous names you couldn't pay me to go and see. And there's plenty of small names you couldn't pay me to go and see. And there's plenty of big and small names that I will always go see or listen to. It depends on one's taste, like anything else.

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