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La sirene de New York

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PurJus: Jennifer, we know you like poetry...

JC: It's true. (elle sussure) You found my dirty little secret.

PurJus: Who are the American poets you often read. Bukowsky?, Ginsberg?...

JC: I've heard Ginsberg read when he was alive. I met him. He was very cool. I dig that stuff. I don't really like to talk about poetry you kow 'cause it's something I feel very close to. And things that I really like, I like to be with and fu** with, I don't like to talk about them. I like to just do them more. You know what I mean ?
But of course I like a lot of stuff. One of my favorite stuff is like Lorca, Bataille, Rimbaud, Baudelaire... I like English poets too, old ones: Blake, Keiths, Yates, stuff like that. Sylvia Plath? sure. Ann Sexten, Adrian Rich. Anna Akhmatova, a Russian poet, one of my favorites.

PurJus: Are you going to sing other poems on future albums? (reference au texte d'E. A. Poe 'Dream within a dream' sur 'Queen of the meadow')

JC: I don't know. We were doing a special program of Edgar Alan Poe with this guy named Hal Wilner, I don't know if you're familiar with him in France, but he's kind of a well-known producer in the States. And he was putting on a big concert presentation for Edgar Alan Poe. It was a radio show with actors,a live radio show, like an old time one where people were acting and making the sound effects and such. And we did the music along with it. We've did that with Steve Buscemi, different actors from 'Saturday Night live'. We did several songs, not just the one that's on the record, 'Dream within a Dream', but also 'To one in paradise', 'Annabel Lee'. We made music along these as well. And we'll perform them again in L.A. in the fall.
You were going to ask me about Firewater...

PurJus: Actually we dont know much about Firewater, but they were mentioned several times in articles on the net about New York music scene...

JC: They're good friends of mine. I'm on two songs on their first record as a guest, 'Get Off The Cross, We Need The Wood For The Fire'. It's really ggod. Then they had another record called 'The Ponsy Scheme'. And now they have just finished their new record and I'm on that one too. I do a duet with Tod, the singer. He used to be in a band called Cop Shoot Cop.

PurJus: What are the bands we should listen to?

DB: From New York? I think you should listen to The Vanity Set, Gogo Bordello.
JC: A lot of things that I like is not so much from New York, more from around the world. I'm very into Mauritanean music. Dimi Mint Aba, she's one of my favorite singers. Also Foetus is a great thing you should hear. He's been around for a million years. He's kind of an institution. There's an Indian singer that I love, she's a tumri singer, Shamra Gurtu. Abda Parveen She's also another one of my favorites. She's from Pakistan. She's a soufi singer, kind of like khwali. She's one of the few female khwali singers. Two more New York things that I like. Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos He's an amazing guitarist. He used to play with Tom Waits. There's another band called New Wet Kojak. They're an off-shoot of 'Girls against boys'.

on sort le Magic! de mars 2001 pour parler de 'La Mar en fortuna'; sur la même page, la chronique de White Hotel...

JC: Oh White Hotel, I love this. Jean-Marc Butty, the drummer in White Hotel is a friend of mine. He's an amazing drummer. He used to play with PJ Harvey, he was on 'to Bring You My Love'. He's a really great drummer. I listen to this record a lot. 'First Water' (Spirit of Jungle/Wagram, 2001).

PurJus: And 'La Mar Enfortuna' ?

JC: it's a record we've made for John Zorn's label, Tzadik Records. It's a record of sarfartic songs. Some songs are sung in arabic, the jewish safartic dialect of arabic, and in ladino, which is the spanish safartic language.

PurJus: A few words about Jean-Louis Murat?

JC: Jean-Louis [Murat] is a great guy. An amazing person. He's very talented and very deep guy. And he's very sweet, very sensitive. It was nice working with him. he made his record 'Mustango' with a lot of musicians that we know, that are friends and that play in the similar circles that we do. Oren plays guitar in it, so does Marc Ribot and John Medeski (ndlr: de Medeski, Martin & Wood),who's an organ player. It was fun doing it. He has got a new record out with Isabelle Huppert, called 'Madame Deshoulieres'.

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