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La sirene de New York

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(Purjus - le cadeau surprise... 'Calligrammes') PurJus: Do you know Apolinaire ?

JC: Oh yes of course. But I don't know this. I love Appolinaire. Well I'll have to learn French.

PurJus: you know French poetry very well...

JC: Yes. I love it. More than a lot of American stuff I think.

PurJus: Do you plan to learn French?

JC: I never plan anything. It's kind of the way I am. I'm not a very good planner. But if it happens it would be a fine thing. I would certainly love to learn French. I think the best thing would be to completely absorb myself in the language and surround myself with it. I think that's the best way to learn a language. Better than learning it at school or from a book.

PurJus: Are you saying you're going to move to France and leave New York?

JC: Maybe I'll get a French lover (avis aux amateurs...). I don't know. It's the best way to learn a language...

(PurJus sort le deuxième cadeau, la compilation du festival 'Les Jeux')

PurJus: there are some of French less known artists on it.

JC: In the States, in New York, we don't get that much French artists.

PurJus: you are perhaps more familiar with bands like Air...

JC: I don't really know their work that much. I just heard their soudtrack to Sofia Coppola's 'Virgin Suicides'. I know the guy who wrote the book, Jeffrey Eugenides.

PurJus: you know a lot of people.

JC: it's a small world. New York is small.

L'équipe de PurJus souhaite remercier Matt Shuster, manager d'Elysian Fields, toute la sympathique équipe de Radio Campus Dijon, Stéphane de Bandido pour son merveilleux festival 'les Femmes s'en melent', La Vapeur pour nous avoir prete le local de repetition
Carton rouge à Julien du Bubblegum festival pour la deuxieme place qu'on attend toujours...

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