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Nourallah Brothers : un air de famille

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Retrospectively, what do you think of the first album (you started in 1998 right?)? What will happen to the others tracks you recorded (over 50 !)?
Faris: Retrospectively, I love the first record and would love to release a companion CD in the future with some of the material that didn't make it onto the first CD.
Salim: For me, it’s always hard to look back without thinking of all the things I could have done better...the miserable life of a perfectionist, I, some days I love the CD, other days it sounds incredibly flawed. The "other" tracks have joined scores & scores of additional "other" tracks recorded since then that may never see the "light of day" - so to speak.

I must admit we have quite a negative idea of Texas : racism, homophobia, death penalty... (yeah I know I watch too much TV, but what I saw was quite frightening...) ++++++
Faris: Racism: Actually my Dad settled here as a Syrian immigrant and fit in nicely with the large hispanic population. His accent stuck out too much in Michigan!!!
Homophobia: I believe that Dallas has the second largest gay population in America, or at least it seems that way.
Death Penalty: Yes, but not for bad fashion or we'd lose half the states population overnight!
Salim: I must admit I have a rather negative view of Texas myself...sorry...maybe I should move to France then?

How would you describe living in Texas ? Why or why not would you move ?
Faris: Living in Texas is interesting. The place definitely has a vibe. Land is cheap as the state is large so things just kind of sprawl. The Hispanic influence adds a nice flavor (great Tex-Mex food). I don't want to move because my family supports me financially and they're all here and I would miss them. But mainly because they support me financially!!
Salim: There are plenty of good bands here that seem to only be appreciated in other places, lot’s of very talented musicians in this town. Faris & I were raised in El Paso but moved to Dallas over 10 years ago to be in a better musical environment. I’ve always wondered what my life would have been like if I had moved somewhere else...Dallas is by no means a musical "Mecca" but neither is Austin, despite its worldwide reputation. I think Austin is musically very narrow-minded. If you don’t play music that sounds like you’re from "Texas" there, no one will listen to you.

What would you say to destroy those French prejudices on Texas ?
Faris: I can say nothing to destroy French prejudices on Texas as those prejudices exist for valid reasons.
Salim: Didn’t Depeche Mode say it best? "People are people..."

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