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PJ: What are the bands we should watch out for ? PP: From Grand Central, I think we are the one people should watch out for. From Twisted Nerve, there's a group called Mum & Dad. They're pretty talented. On Pleasure Recordings there's a group called J-Walk, who are 2 good friends of ours. It's club music more like beat and funk influenced.
There's a dude called Mr. Scruff. He's signed to Ninja Tune. He's a classic DJ, the perfect DJ. He goes to clubs and does like 6 hours sets. That's normal work to him. Where guys would stop at three hours, the guy does six hours, sometimes on three turntables. He has set up his own alliance of clubs which he runs on a night called "Keep it unreal", which is his album title on Ninja. In most of the major cities in Britain, he does this night. He travels around constantly. He lives just near us. He's actually on our album. He's very open minded, very jazzy. He's a bit of an idiot like us. And then there's an other group, a hip-hop group called The Idiots, which in terms of proper hip-hop they are for me the best in Britain, easily. Because they're idiots, they keep splitting up and reforming, so their music probably won't get out that much, which is a shame. Manchester is a creative hot pot at the moment, definitely.

PJ: you played for just over 50 minutes. Are you planning to do longer sets ? S: That’s kind of our live set that we do. Obviously when we write more tunes we’ll have more tunes in the pot th chose from. We both also are DJs and do DJ gigs : a mad collection of both of our influences, hip-hop, jazz, funk, mad soundtracks.
PP: most of the shows add up to about 2 ½ hours – 3 hours. We grew up musically in clubs. That’s where we were introduced. We sort of DJ for half an hour or so, and then have a crazy party. No normal band plays for longer than 1 ½ hour. Bands don’t do that because it’s so exhausting. You get tired very easily. We’re playing for about 50 minutes now; by the end of the year, 1 hour easily, and by March next year we’ll be doing 1 ½ hour.
Because it’s a turntable and a bass, it’s a pretty crazy thing. We’re just into the idea of letting people see how things sound. We were wondering how it would be accepted. It’s a very rough and raw sound. It’s emotion. Kids seem to pick up on it. Even people listening to other stuff are interested in the musicianship that’s involved.

PJ: and so far the response has been pretty good, hasn’t it ?
P: it’s been crazy. Every place we go, there are just these groups of kids going crazy and doing exactly what we would have envisioned if it was a dream. To go somewhere and everyone goes "Yeah !" (avec les bras levés)...that’s how it is. It’s been mad. Everywhere we’ve been we haven’t had a bad response. It depends on the amount of people, but we’ve been quite lucky with that too. We get to play good venues full of good people.

Espérons que l’aventure continuera longtemps pour ces 2 joyeux lurons mancuniens.
Merci à Julien Say de PIAS et au groupe Cousteau pour le fond musical.

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