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Frankie Sparo

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Do you have some writers or poets you particularly appreciate ? Would you be interested in put canadian poets into music ? Al Purdy ? Emile Nelligan ?
I haven't been doing too much reading lately, but I have a some old favorites. Kafka. Although I deeply distrust translations; another reason to learn the language. I just read an interesting a book of Nabakov lectures that pointed me back to some Kafka stories, and to Jane Austen. I read like a hip grandmother.
I would never put anybody's poetry to music; Canadian or otherwise. If the poet wanted music, he would have put it there himself. I heard a record once of some miserable chanteuse singing Shakespeare sonnets to limp piano-bar jazz. I'm not a Shakespeare enthusiast, but it was an absolute insult.

Does writing film soundtracks tempt you ?
Depends who's making the film.

What can we look forward to in the new album ?
I guess it's more dynamic than the last one. More intrigue, more fully-realized ideas. There's a better rapport with the players who were on the last one. And the addition of N Moss on piano is a thrill; we've been playing shows as a duo here for a while now, so I'm happy to get some of that to tape. Efrim is recording it, down the street again at the mighty Hotel2Tango. We're still in the middle of it, so I don't have much perspective.

Have you got any tour plans in Europe/France supporting your 2nd LP, either with ASMZ or alone ?
Nothing definite yet, but I'm working on it.

Un merci tout particulier à Tom de Southern à Londres pour nous avoir fait découvrir cet artiste à part.
Photos réalisées lors du passage de Frankie Sparo et A Silver Mount Zion aux Instants Chavirés en janvier 2001; utilisées avec l'aimable autorisation de Laurent Orseau. Beaucoup d'autres très belles photos en noir et blanc, de concerts entre autres, sont à découvrir sur son site

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