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Mai 2008
>> Twice "Black And White EP"

Novembre 2003
>> M Ward "Transfiguration of Vincent"

Octobre 2003
>> All their broken hearts "A Paper Heart tribute to Julie Doiron"
>> Arman Méliès "Le Long Train Lent et les Beaux Imbéciles"
>> Count Indigo "Homme Fatale"
>> Jon Kennedy "Take my drum to England"

Septembre 2003
>> Rien "Requiem pour des baroqueux"
>> Sr Chinarro "El ventrílocuo de sí mismo"
>> Rodolphe Burger & James Blood Ulmer "Guitar Music"

Juillet 2003
>> Elysian Fields "Dreams That Breathe Your Name"
>> Set Fire To Flames "Telegraphs in Negative / Mouths Trapped in Static"

Juin 2003
>> Béatrice Thiriet "Fortune Cookies"
>> Berg Sans Nipple "form of..."
>> Julie Doiron / Okkervil River "split CD"
>> Temper "New Place, New Face"

Mai 2003
>> The Polyphonic Spree "The Beginning Stages of..."
>> Telefax "Des courbes de choses invisibles"
>> Bed "Spacebox"

Avril 2003
>> Buzzcocks "Buzzcocks"
>> Dirge "s/t"
>> Pascals "Abiento"
>> V/A Plain Recordings "You Can Never Go Fast Enough"

Mars 2003
>> V/A Partycul System "Les champs du cyclotron"
>> V/A Acuarela "Acuarela Songs 2"
>> Oboken "Except You"
>> Ed Harcourt "From Every Sphere"
>> Eva Cassidy "Songbird"
>> Cat Power "You Are Free"
>> ultra orange "Seven Lonely Girls"

Février 2003
>> Syd Matters "Fever in Winter, Shiver in June"
>> Black Dice "Beaches & Canyons"
>> Wide Open Cage "Woebegone Lullabies"
>> La Folie Ordinaire "Moments Volés"
>> April March "Triggers"
>> Richard Hawley "Lowedges"
>> the Mountain Goats "Thallahassee"

Janvier 2003
>> Sr Chinarro "Cobre Cuanto Antes"
>> Console "Reset The Preset"
>> V/A Active+Clapping "Active Suspension vs Clapping Music"
>> Télécran "Stupide Machine"
>> Hoggboy "Or 8 ?"
>> Thalia Zedek "You’re a Big Girl Now (Mini-Album)"
>> Dakota Suite "This River Only Brings Poison"

Décembre 2002
>> Masters of the Hemisphere "Protest A Dark Anniversary"
>> exsonvaldes "Someday If I Want To"
>> Tribeca "Kate-97"

Novembre 2002
>> Dead Man Ray "Cago"
>> Porcelain "I’ve got a really important thing to do right now but I can’t do it cause I’m asleep"
>> Michael J Sheehy "No Longer My Concern"
>> Schneider TM "Zoomer"
>> Nada Surf "Let Go"
>> Black Heart Procession "Amore del Tropico"

Octobre 2002
>> Zohreh "Man, to etc..."
>> My Little Cheap Dictaphone "Music Drama"
>> Dunger Nicolai "Tranquil Isolation"
>> Noonday Underground "Surface Noise"

Septembre 2002
>> Tara Jane O'Neil "The Joy of..."
>> The Walkmen "Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone"
>> Emak Bakia "Un Cuerpo Extraño"
>> The Bisons "Compactor"

Août 2002
>> AM 60 "Always Music 60"
>> The Zephyrs "The Love That Will Guide You Back Home"
>> Mason Jennings "Century Spring"
>> The Movies "In One Era Out the Other"
>> Home Laboratoire Moderne "01.28 Nuit Night Nacht"
>> James Yorkston "Moving up country"

Juillet 2002
>> Luna "Romantica"
>> Maestro Echoplex "Last night I saw God on the dance floor"
>> Langley Schools Music Project "Innocence & Despair"
>> Tram "A Kind of Closure"

Juin 2002
>> Candidate "Tiger Flies"
>> The Sunshine Fix "Age of the sun"
>> Pony Club "Home Truths"

Mai 2002
>> Chemical Brothers "Come With Us"
>> The Strokes "Is This It ?"
>> Björk "Vespertine"
>> Slayer "God Hates Us All"
>> Slipknot "Iowa"
>> Refree "Quitamiedos"
>> Etienne Charry "Aube Radieuse, Serpents en Flammes"
>> Nina Nastasia "The Blackened Air"
>> Sister Sonny "The Bandit Lab"
>> Elk City "Hold Tight The Ropes"
>> Keren Ann "La Disparition"
>> Doves "The Last Broadcast"
>> Log "Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Gets His Wings"

Avril 2002
>> Damon Albarn "Mali Music"
>> Eleni Mandell "Thrill"
>> Wilfried* "Songs for Mum & Dad"
>> Tears in X-Ray Eyes "Half-Life"
>> Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Plastic Fang"
>> Jean-Louis Murat "Le moujik et sa femme"
>> Verone "Alaska"
>> Tokyo/Overtones "The Polar E.P."

Mars 2002
>> The Notwist "Neon Golden"
>> Teenage Fan Club & Jad Fair "Words Of Wisdom And Hope"
>> ST THOMAS "I'm coming home"

Février 2002
>> Ashley Slater "BigLounge"
>> Ooberman "Running Girl"
>> Elf Power "The Winter Is Coming"

Janvier 2002
>> V/A Acuarela "Acuarela Songs"
>> Neil Finn "7 WORLDS COLLIDE"
>> exsonvaldes "Sons / Silences"
>> Paul McCartney "Driving Rain "
>> Coralie Clément "Salle des pas perdus"

Décembre 2001
>> Herman Düne "Switzerland Heritage"

Novembre 2001
>> Bows "Cassidy"
>> A Silver Mount Zion "Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward"
>> The Arsonists "Date of Birth"
>> Money Mark "Change is Coming"
>> Red "Songs from a room"
>> Virginia Rodriguez "Sol Negro"
>> Preston School of Industry "All This Sounds Gas"
>> Jack the Ripper "The Book of Lies"

Octobre 2001
>> Michael J Sheehy "Ill Gotten Gains"
>> Quasi "The Sword of God"
>> Sr Chinarro "La Primera Opera Envasada Al Vacio"

Septembre 2001
>> Club Tricatel "Dynamic Perspectives in Dance Music"
>> His Name Is Alive "Someday my blues will cover the earth"
>> Per Mission "A Ritual Loop"
>> ultra orange "snow-white"
>> Les Savy Fav "Go Forth"
>> Michael Franti & Spearhead "Stay Human"

Août 2001
>> American Analog Set "Know by heart"
>> Reindeer Section "'Y' ALL GET SCARED NOW YA HEAR!'"
>> Frankie Sparo "ARENA HOSTILE (VPRO radio recordings)"
>> Thalia Zedek "Been Here and Gone"
>> Ron Sexsmith "Blue Boy"
>> Ron Sexsmith "Whereabouts"
>> Depeche Mode "Exciter"
>> Singles "Ete 2001"
>> Ash "Free All Angels"
>> Slam "Alien Radio"
>> Jeff Mills "Every Dog Has Its Day"
>> Swell "Everybody Wants to Know"
>> Wheatus "Wheatus"
>> Yann Tiersen "Le fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain"

Juillet 2001
>> Télépopmusik "Genetic World"
>> Nestor is Bianca "Nestor is Bianca"
>> Yvan Hio "L´homme invisible"
>> Dido "No Angel"
>> Sharko "Meeuws 2"
>> Superheroes "Igloo"
>> Hopewell "The Curved Glass"
>> Sparklehorse "It's a wonderful life"
>> Melon Galia "les embarras du quotidien"
>> Oboken "peace of mind"

Juin 2001
>> Ed Harcourt "Here Be Monsters"
>> Rufus Wainwright "Poses"
>> Mark Eitzel "The Invisible Man"
>> Radiohead "Amnesiac"

Mai 2001
>> William Orbit "Pieces in the modern style"
>> White Hotel "First Water"
>> Nick Cave "No More Shall We Part"
>> Zoot Woman "Living In A Magazine"
>> I Am Kloot "Natural History"
>> Anja Garbarek "Smiling and Waving"
>> Daft Punk "Discovery"

Avril 2001
>> Terry Callier "What Color Is Love "
>> Boss Hog "White Out"
>> Badly Drawn Boy "The Hour Of Bewilderbeast"
>> Turin Brakes "The Optimist"
>> Elysian Fields "Queen of the Meadow"
>> L'Altra "Music of a sinking occasion"
>> Alain Peteers "Parabolér"
>> Saul Williams "Amethyst Rock Star"
>> Bebel Gilberto "Tanto tempo "
>> Song:Ohia "Ghost Tropic"
>> Low "Christmas"
>> Rufus Wainwright "Rufus Wainwright"
>> Jonathan Richman "I'm so confused"
>> Beth Orton "Central Reservation"
>> Migala "Arde"
>> Idaho "Hearts of Palm"
>> The Magnetic Fields "69 love songs"
>> Hooverphonic "The Magnificent Tree"
>> Bertrand Burgalat "The sssound of mmmusic"

Novembre 2000
>> Tom McRae "Tom McRae"
>> Ben's Symphonic Orchestra "Junk Shop"
>> Coldplay "Parachutes"

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