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Le fête de la musique édition 2001 à Paris fut l'occasion pour l'équipe de PurJus, comme pour beacoup d'autres, de découvrir un duo créatif tout droit venu de Manchester. Nous avons profiter de leur passage au musée Carnavalet, en "première partie" de Cousteau ce soir-là, pour leur poser quelques questions.

Sneaky : one half of Fingathing, plays double-bass
Peter Parker : the other half of FingaThing, plays a turntable

PJ: How did the FingaThing thing start? where did you meet ? where do you come from in England?
S: We both live in Manchester. We met in another band called Rae & Christian, who are on the same label, a sort of big-band that we got drafted in by the head of the label (Grand Central Records), a guy called Mark Rae, one half of Rae & Christian. Basically he found us both doing separate things. I was playing bass for Rae & Christian, as it was then the Grand Central Sound System, a sort of collective thing. We were touring around doing sound system gigs, sort of souly type of music. Peter Parker got drafted by Mark Rae as well. He saw him at DMC competition (ndlr : compétition de DJ; en 1997, Peter Parker est a fini 2ème en Angleterre, dans le jury se trouvait Mark Rae), thought he should have won, and basically asked him to become part of his thing. We met during a rehearsal of Rae & Christian. We started sticking around, messing around in the breaks when people were having coffees and teas. It just kind of clicked. I play a bass line, Peter would scratch a beat. We were just having a laugh.

PJ: So basically you just trying to have fun? make people happy, dance and shout ? What's your goal in music ?
S: I have a constant goal of trying to make better music. I'm never satisfied; i get tired easily of things. I think its a hopeful thing. If you are always satisfied with what you're doing, you should stop because you have no kind of lust. It's a healthy thing to want more.
But yeah, essentially we want people to have a good time and laugh, blow people's mind with what we do.
PP: I've been quite lazy in my life. what I wanted to do while at school and couldn't and what I wanted to do while at college and couldn't because I was lazy... And then I had a goal in turntables one day after seeing a film. I just wanted to do that as my living. When I met Sneaky, it sort of made it possible because there's not really anyone else probably that I could have worked with to make a proper living. Instead of being known as a DJ, being known as a musician is quite a rare thing. My goal is to be recognised as someone who uses a turntable as an instrument.

PJ: What's behind the name "FINGATHING". Is it just the "thing with the fingers" ...?
PP: ...on the turntable and the bass. It speaks for itself. We are not going to call ourselves "The Dark Cloud" or "The Morning Sunshine" or something that's supposed to be really deep and have some kind of meaning. We are very straight forward. We are what we are. We're not trying to be anything or trying to have some mad concept. The concept speaks for itself. We are just doing what we are doing. But obviously, because it's got a new sound and everything, people are picking up on it. The goal is to play in every country all over the world and at the moment, at a steady rate we doing really well.

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