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Jim O'Rourke : Chicago, New-York, Tokyo et Paris quelquefois

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A few days ago, a friend of mine listened to a Fenn O'Berg record, and he just couldn't get into it. Do you mind ?
I don't listen to it ! (rire.) I don't know what that record is, it's a strange one. No, I mean it's fine, if it's not for them, it's not for them. I don't expect them to listen to... an Ace of Base record or something. I listen to Boney M. records but i don't know many people who do ! (rire.) It doesn't bother me if someone doesn't like it. There's plenty of people who don't like it ! So, if I had a problem, I'd be in deep trouble.

I also read that you have a strong interest in French "musique concrète", but do you like some earlier French composers : liek Ravel or Debussy...
Sure. Growing up I listened to all that stuff. And then I got into the Luc Ferrari and Pierre Henry and all that. yeah, I mean, of course a lot of the 20th century composers. I walways liked Milhaud very much. I like that stuff just as well.

we only spoke of "occidental" music. What about Asian music, South American music...
(coupant ma question) Japanese music. I'm crazy about it. I have a HUGE collection of Japanese music. There's a whole history of music in Japan. Most people know about stuff like the noise bands, the Boredoms, things like that, which are all great. But the country has an entire history. In the 70's there were amazing, amazing, records in Japan. There were rock bands, there were folk-rock band, there were folk bands, singer-songwriters. There's tons of that stuff. I'm crazy about it. I go there 4 or 5 times a year just buying everything I can get my hands on. I just came back with another box full. 2 boxes full !
Do you manage to listen to all of it ?
Oh yeah, I listen to everything.
So you basically live for music. You don't do anything else ?
No, I don't do anything else. I watch movies but otherwise... I consider it all work but no, I don't do anything else. What else is there to do ? (rire.)

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