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Eleni Mandell : une femme qui s'en mêle

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And if it hadn't been music ?
I was in Art major in college, so maybe I'd be a struggling painter which isn't much better (rires.)
and what about writing ?
Yeah I used to write stories too. I went to Berkeley in California where I studied writing and painting. I think I would do that. One day I think I'm gonna open a club, a café in Los Angeles, so we could have at least ONE GOOD CLUB in town (rires.). I think there's a lot of other things I could do, but later.

Présentation de CD...

Nick Cave - "No More Shall We part"
I just saw a Nick Cave performance in Los Angeles. He's a great dance. I was really impressed. He had a very nice green jacket.

Prince - "Dirty Mind"
Prince, everybody loves Prince right ? It's just crazy. He just played in town also in Los Angeles but I didn't see him. I like "when you're mine".

Tom Waits - "Mule Variations"
My last drummer, Andy, plays on this record "Mule Variations". He toured with him also. I think my favorite song on this record is "Black Market baby" and "Chocolate Jesus". I love Tom Waits, "Swordfishtrombone", "Raindogs" and "Frank's Wild Years" are my favorites. The new "Alice" is so good, it's beautiful.

Fiona Apple - "When the pawn..." [Jon Brion, producteur de cet album, a coproduit le premier album d'Eleni Mandell "Wishbone" en 1998]
I'm not really a big Fiona Apple fan but... I think the last track either 9 or 10, is a really pretty song.

Charles Mingus - "Ah Hum !"
I don't know Charles Mingus that well. And I like a lot of the early Miles Davis bebop stuff.

Leonard Cohen - "Ten New Songs"
I love Leonard Cohen, some earlier stuff. I haven't heard the new record. I don't like when he has all the backup. It's a little too produced sound for me. I'd like to hear him by himself.

et un bouquin de Charles Bukowski, illustré par Robert Crumb...
I'm a really big Charles Bukowski fan. One of my prize possession is a poem, bound in a hard cover and he signed it. I love his books.
I love the Robert Crumb drawings too. He lives in France, doesn't he ?

What about a album of covers like Cat Power did with the "Cover Record" ?
You know I really want to do a record of old country songs, like the Louven Brothers (?), Mule Haggert, Tammy Wynette, these people. Old American country music. (...)
There's so many things I'd love to do. I love jazz. I'd love to do old songs. But I'm always worried that everybody does it. I wanna not do what everybody does... We'll see, maybe.

Nina Simone - Ne me quitte pas
Oh nice, I love Nina Simone. I just saw her perform in Los Angeles last summer. She's very old now but she's one of my favorites, definitely.
I know the Jacques Brel version [of Ne me quitte pas].

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