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M J Sheehy : filthy sex and toilets

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PJ: Your lyrics are quite elaborate. Do you have any plans in writing books or poetry ?
MJS : Not really. I write short stories but that's really for my own sort of enjoyment. I don't show them to people or read them to anybody. That's just something I do as a hobby really. I enjoy doing it. Nobody else can judge it. it's just me and the computer. It's kind of fun.

PJ: would you write lyrics or music for other bands or musicians ?
MJS: Yeah, i'd consider it. I haven't done it before but I would certainly consider working with other people. Cant think of anybody in particular though. It's definitely a possibility.

PJ: and singing songs from other songwriters ?
MJS: There's a cover version of an Elvis' song on the new album, Mystery Train. I like doing other people's songs. Sometimes it can be easier to sing someone else's song than your own. You can hide behind the song a little more.

PJ: a French artist called Red did a cover of a whole Leonard Cohen album, Burn on wire...
MJS: sometimes when you're covering stuff, it's kind of difficult because you don't know... you must have a good reason for doing it. Sometimes you do this sort of thing and you're like "I'm not doing the song any justice". And that can be quite difficult to do. I chose carefully what I'm gonna sing.

PJ: what about a full Elvis Prestley's album cover ?
MJS: Yeah... I'd do it as an indulgence but i don't know if it would be any good. (rires). I'd prebably have fun doing it though.

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