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M J Sheehy : filthy sex and toilets

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Prince - Dirty Mind

MJS: I love Prince. I don't really know what his stuff is like now. i haven't heard it for a long time. But his early stuff and up until round the Lovesexy album, i really enjoy his stuff. i particularly like this Dirty Mind album. It's very rough. The lyrics are really disgusting (rires) but their funny aswell. Head or When you are mine and Sister are reallt great songs. I just think in his time he was a genius. We were just listening to the Black Album in the tour bus ysterday and that's pretty groce aswell (rires).

David Bowie - Live at the Beeb

MJS: He's great. I love just about everything between 1970 until 1980. he didn't do a bad album. They're all great. I even like his covers album of that period. I don't think he was so much an innovator. i think he used to basically tap into things really really quick, as they were happening. He was good at mixing styles. It was quite funny to see him doing drim&bass records a couple of years back. it was kind of like "You're a little bit late. it has already been done". Whereas in the 70's, if drum&bass existed then, you can be sure he would have been doing it straight away and doing it well. in his days he was amazing. I think he's a corporate cocksucker now but (rires).

Jay Jay Johanson - Whiskey

MJS: i don't know this very well but i heard it a few times and I do like it. I think there's one on this, he uses a sample of a Micheal Nyman soundtrack, it's beautiful, really... "I'm older now". I really like his voice.

PJ: he has the same aproach as you. he doesn't train his voice and tries to keep it "naïve"...
MJS: There's a honesty in his music I really appreciate. He just does it the way he feels it and it's a great thing. I like his sounds aswell. i think there's a good lo-fi sort of sound i really like.

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