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M J Sheehy : filthy sex and toilets

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Tom Waits

MJS: He's a great character. A fantastic songwriter. He knows how to tell stories. The first thing I ever hear of Tom Waits was quite late on, it was the Phone Machine album which is still my favorite. But I sort of gone back and listened to some of huis earlier albums like Small Change, and Closing Time is a beautiful aswell. It's kind of strange the way his voice and his style have changed over the years but that's great that he's been able... He's been quite innovative. He comes up with some great sort of sounds that you don't usually hear on reords. And it's all throw back to blues, folk, country and things like that, but he somehow manages to put his own slung (?) on it which id great. Definitely one of my favorites.

PJ: other singers you like ? Bob Dylan, Neil Young ?
MJS: Bob Dylan I like. For me he's probably the greatest songwriter. He's amazing. He's able to do stuff that's quite funny and tongue&cheek(?), and then he's able to do really moving simple songs like on his "Time out of mind" album. I thought it was a good return to form for him. And Leonard Cohen is another favorite of mine. I really love his stuff. They've got that dark sense of humour in their work aswell which I think is quite important to have. That kind of rye humour.

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