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La sirene de New York

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Dijon, merdredi 21 mars 2001 : arrivée à Dijon. pres de quatres heures de voyage pour rencontrer la belle et mysterieuse Jennifer Charles.
18h00 : arrivee à La Vapeur. La balance d'Elysian Fields est interminable.
19h15 : l'interview peut commencer. Apparemment sur les nerfs à cause d'un problème de son, Oren Bloedow ne restera qu'une minute trente pour l'interview. Jennifer nous demande de l'excuser.

JC: Jennifer Charles, vocals
DB: Dave Burger, drums

PurJus: Elysian Fields is one of the many bands from New York's independant music scene, like Firewater or Blonde Redhead. How is it playing in NY ?

JC: I love playing in New York. The band is from New York. That's the home base. I guess compared to a lot of places right now, which seems kind of strange, it is the kind of hub of any kind of music scene that viewers anywhere left of the, you know, commercial norm that has totally monopolized the rest of the country. But still I think there's a long way to go. That doesn't mean it's the apex of independent music.
DB: There's a lot of music in New York. Endless. Go there.

PurJus: We brought a few CD's with us. First, we've got 'Glitterati' by The Gunga Din...

JC: I am friendly with the band. When they first started, I heared them and I said they were really great, and I asked them if they wanted to open up for us. They were down for that, that was one of their first shows in New York, supporting us at the Mercury Lounge. We're on the same label (ndlr: Jetset Records). But since then, The Gunga Din is kinda broken up. Bill [Bronson] left the band. They're kinda disolved.

Jeff Buckley's 'Grace'...(sujet sensible)

JC: Jeff was a good friend of mine. Micheal [Tighe] who's playing bass in Elysian Fieldsused to be in Jeff's band. He played guitar with Jeff. We all miss Jeff very much.

PurJus: some jazz recordings...

JC: All right. Bill Evans, I love Bill Evans. Love Mingus, Mingus is one of my favorites. Same with Monk...

PurJus: Prince 'Dirty Mind'...

JC: I'm a big Prince fan. Actually we were talking about this record in the car yesterday. Great songs.

PurJus: Low 'Christmas songs'...

JC: Low. They're cool. I haven't heard this...they're great. Nice singing.
The kind of scene that I see around New York, that I listen to, are more people that are more like John Zorn, Marc Ribot, avant-rock, avant-jazz people.

La technique des CD où fonctionne moins bien que prévu. Jennifer n'a visiblement pas trop envie de parler des choses qu'elle aime...

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