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Mark Linkous de Sparklehorse

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PJ: You live in a ranch in Virginia. How do you keep up with the independant music scene ?
ML: One of the good things about being isolated in the country is there's a lot of... I'm not exposed to a lot of hype. So by the time something reaches me whether it's a movie or an author or a record it's kinda come through some friends. Usually the good stuff gets to me anyway. And a lot of the bullshit doesn't even get to me.


PJ: Are you ever going to work with Daniel Johnston ?
ML: I'm producing his new album. With Alan (qui ?). I tried to get him to open for us on these shows but a while back he got really bad for a while and didn't get out of bed for a year or so... and did not brush his teeth. So he couldn't do this tour with us because he had to have some of his top teeth pulled out. Otherwise he would be here with us tonight.

PJ: did you have opportunities to play outside Paris before ?
ML: I think the only places that we've played other than Paris in France were basically stadiums with Radiohead and I just felt pathetic. At that time the band wasn't together and I was not together. it was just a big mess. The combination that it was a stadium and I was still on a lot of medicine, not thinking straight, not ready to do it.

PJ: you are happier with more intimate venues then.
ML: Definitely, yeah.

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