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M J Sheehy : filthy sex and toilets

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PJ: second album "Ill Gotten Gains". what's the difference between "Sweet Blue Gene" and "Ill Gotten Gains" ?
MJS: I had a little bit more money and time when I was recording "Ill Gotten Gains". i did not produce this album, Dimitri Tikovoï did it. So it probably doesn't sound quite as raw as "Sweet Blue Gene" sounded. Songwise it's pretty much still the same old territory I'm going over. Just the usual miserable stuff. That's basically it, you know. We used a lot more musicians than the previous one.

PJ: One of our favorite song on the album is "Just a word" featuring Victoria Benjamin. Who is she ?
MJS : She's just a friend of mine. It's all I can say really. She's worked with me in the past. She doesn't make records generally. I just talked her into singing on the record. It wasn't too difficult.

PJ: the press in Britain was quite elogious on your new album.
MJS: Particularly in England they didn't care much for this band i used to be in, Dream City Film Club. It's just a relief I suppose when you release a record and they're a little kinder than you expect them to be.

PJ : was this kind of songwriting always there in Dream City Film Club, or your solo carreer was a chance to express more personal feelings ?
MJS : some of the songs are more personal stuff on the solo records. You kind of feel more comfortable doing that when it's under your own name rather than in a group. Sometimes in a group you feel you're "the mouth peace" for everybody in the group. You feel you have to write more generally than specifically about things. But to be honest, the subject matter is not that different to what I used to sing about really. It has always been about sort of, you know, love gone wrong, filthy sex and toilets and all that stuff... it's not much different really.

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